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Laura + Mike
05 April 2016
Laura + Mike

Getting to know Mike and Laura means getting to know their love for someone else, their completely adorable and lovable puppy, Toby. Being a crazy animal nut myself I was so excited when they decided to include their puppy in the engagment shoot. I mean, he IS family, right?!! On this day we were lucky enough to have unusually warm weather for spring in Minnesota. The sun was shining, it was a warm 68 degrees, and the wind was blowing with the sweet scents of well, Spring. Score! The Prior Lake park was the perfect scene for Laura & Mike, not to mention Toby got a much needed walk too. I love this couple and I'm so happy to be part of their journey toward wedded ...

Valentine Cuties! - Prior Lake Family Photographer
19 February 2016
Laura + Mike

This valentine themed session was filled with the sweetest smiles and beautiful big brown twinkling eyes. These little cousins came into the studio pretty quiet and shy. After a couple clicks of the camera they started to open up and play and giggle. Most of the giggling was because their parents were jumping up and down, making funny faces, and goofy sounds behind me. The sight of three adults doing this was hilarious to me as well. I couldn't hold back from laughing at them too! I think the end result is darn tootin' adorable.